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Twitter for Actors Affiliates

  • Twitter for Actors uses E-Junkie to manage affiliates
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This is EXACTLY how your become and affilate (and get your custom link):

Step 1:
 Click Link Above, then Signup for E-Junkie

Twitter for Actors affiliate directions1

Step 2:
Click ‘Get Affiliate Code’

Twitter for Actors affiliate directions2

Step 3:
Select ‘Twitter for Actors’ From Drop-down Menu, Click ‘Get Affiliate Code’

Twitter for Actors affiliate directions3

Step 4:
Copy/Paste the Provided HTML…

Twitter for Actors affiliate directions4

Step 5:
OR…Select JUST the Link

Twitter for Actors affiliate directions6

You can use that link as the destination for images on your website, share it on social media, put it in an email message, or any other creative way to promote Twitter for Actors!