Meet Blake, Author of Twitter for Actors

Blake Jamieson is an award-winning social media consultant living in Santa Monica, CA. Blake helps brands and individuals use social media to drive measurable results. Blake recently was featured as a speaker at the AllFacebook Marketing Conference in New York – speaking alongside marketing executives from ESPN, Rosetta Stone, the NY Jets, and more!

Blake also has experience in the entertainment industry. His first social media job included producing demo videos and commercials for Zynga (a social gaming company). One of Blake’s commercials (introducing the partnership between Zynga and the World Series of Poker) aired on ESPN.

Before moving to LA, Blake was signed with a talent agency in Northern California (CAST Images); and also worked at a talent management company (Studio24). Blake quickly realized that he enjoyed the behind-the-scenes work (at Studio24) much more than the acting/modeling work. Blake used his graphic design background to re-touch client head shots, prepared sides, and read breakdowns for potential auditions.

Social networking has become a critical marketing platform for businesses in every industry, including the entertainment industry. Effective social networking helps develop name recognition, and offers a direct form of communication with talent agents, casting directors, producers, and other actors. It is all part of a personal branding process and is very important to establishing a unique persona.

Why Twitter for Actors?

When Blake moved to Los Angeles in August 2012, he expected to be surrounded with aspiring actors, comedians, musicians, and models. Given the popularity of social media, it did not surprise him to find that most of these aspiring entertainers use social profiles as the cornerstone of their personal branding efforts.

Blake did not realize, however, that most of the aspiring entertainers have no concept of social media marketing – until he met Melissa. Melissa and Blake met at a local bar in Santa Monica. She was very outgoing and had a fantastic personality. After a brief conversation, her friends decided to visit a different bar. Before she left, Melissa handed him a business card and said, “I’m a comedian. Find me on Facebook and Twitter!” Blake had not told her about his specific line of work, but those words resonated with me. After all, Facebook and Twitter is where he spends 80% of his (working) time.

But, Melissa did not understand how to present herself online. The Facebook username did not match her Twitter username (not even close). Also, her twitter handle had the letter ‘O’ as well as the number ‘0’ in it. As an Internet marketer, avoiding this confusion is common sense, but Blake realized that not everyone would take the time to master social media marketing. It also dawned on Blake that Melissa would not be able to hire him as a consultant, because any extra resources would be allocated to acting and comedy classes. Blake decided to create this short e-book to help entertainers maintain a polished brand across social media networks, starting with Twitter.

What will you learn from Twitter for Actors?
  • How to set up and optimize your Twitter profile
  • How to create custom background and header images for professional branding
  • How to use Twitter to drive traffic to your personal website or IMDb page
  • How to use advanced-search to find the most engaging industry professionals and audition opportunities
  • How to leverage successful Twitter users to grow a quality following
  • How to set yourself up for retweets and real conversations
  • What you should and should NOT be doing on Twitter

Buy on Amazon for $7.99!

Is there anything extra included with the book?

YES, Twitter for Actors is a complete package to help you brand yourself online! Below is a list of everything that is included when you purchase Twitter for Actors:

  • 35-page e-book with clear instructions and screenshots
  • Photoshop template file for creating a custom Twitter background image (.psd file)
  • Photoshop template file for creating a custom Twitter header image (.psd file)
  • 4 entertainment industry case studies (see how successful actors leverage Twitter for personal branding)
  • a WordPress website theme designed specifically for actors

Buy on Amazon for $7.99!